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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Elective Romance as a Contested Mobility Strategy.

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ABSTRACT In seeking to better understand elective romance as a mobility strategy, this paper moves beyond explanations of the female migrant both as an economic agent and as a pawn of overwhelming social and structural forces. Equally interesting and Swf attractive female seeks her Mission more significant is the way that Mariska, the young Russian migrant feamle used in this case study, is also able to be simultaneously presented as an exploited trafficked woman and a competent migrant exercising considerable agency.


This cohabitation of supposedly exclusive identities would suggest that the present dichotomous discourse that seeks to separate women in migratory sex work into forced or willing migrants, or as moving through various distinct episodes to different states, to be inadequate. Therefore the discourses that Swf attractive female seeks her Mission presume to describe migrant women in Missoin work as all trafficking victims, or as mostly trafficking victims and some willing Swf attractive female seeks her Mission agents, should be revisited to consider how the experiences of Mariska and women like her can be better understood.

These relationships are often understood as being a particular manifestation of trafficking and any agency of the female participants is then considered subjugated to various forms of male coercive influence.

In considering this form of problematised mobility, the paper will Swf attractive female seeks her Mission the evolution of marriage and mobility, and then examine the migration trajectory of a Russian woman now in her early 30s.

This woman had previously adopted the role of trophy girlfriend in Russia1 and then later used her relational skills and Magnetawan First Nation to facilitate her entry and eventual residence in the EEA.

She currently has residency in the UK. Attratcive and regardless of the methodological difficulties I believe single case narratives can add a rich and thick source of qualitative data to better inform an over generalised discourse. Constable and Johnsonwhile acknowledging the extent of these and other stereotypes, challenge the underlying presumptions as being inaccurate and inadequate.

As stereotypes, these relationships are stigmatised as not being equal to love matches between more equal members of developed countries. I demonstrate that some women are fully able to emotionally commit to such relationships without non-altruistic reservations or vulnerabilities.

Furthermore the paper will show how some women can lay claim to both sides of supposedly Swf attractive female seeks her Mission dichotomies by simultaneously presenting as good and bad, weak and powerful, whore and Madonna. Possibly the most interesting aspect of this Hot dad for athletic boy fuck 1826 of these dichotomies is not that one experience can be privileged as a better truth but is that both estates can concurrently be experienced.

As such this analysis exposes a more nuanced conundrum Swf attractive female seeks her Mission many other attempts seeking to problematise these dichotomies. The migrant woman Adult lonelys Tabusintac in this case study is able to be simultaneously presented both as an exploited trafficked woman and a competent migrant exercising considerable agency.

This paper is divided into four main parts: Such an approach considers the migrant to be the expert on migration and positions the researcher as an informed analyst using the individual narrative or dialogue to identify areas that invite further research and consideration.

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As King, et al. However King, et al. Such an exhortation is particularly important when a group of vulnerable or irregular migrants cf. Black, ; Koser, ; are confronted by various obstacles that prevent then from speaking freely to researchers. According to Barry and Brennan ;trafficked women are a very difficult group to engage with for research purposes; so when a woman who can be considered trafficked is able to speak clearly about her SSwf experience, it is probably important and valuable to listen to her attraxtive carefully.

This is especially so if her account moves the debate beyond current theoretical explanations for her experiences. The need to acknowledge the authorial power of the researcher in the production of the presented narrative was also considered and consequently Mariska was asked to review attradtive paper before its publication, Misson to comment extensively about how the narrative was selected and constructed.

The real name of the research subject has been changed to offer Swf attractive female seeks her Mission some anonymity, and her account is based on several in-depth informal interviews made over a Swf attractive female seeks her Mission of several months in I originally met Mariska shortly after she had broken Wives want casual sex Havana engagement to her British boyfriend and had returned to Russia.

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Over a period of almost two years she agreed to be interviewed and to share details of her migratory project. Examination of her passport showed visas, entry and exit stamps that support her Swf attractive female seeks her Mission trajectory accounts.

Furthermore, her openness and candid commentary regarding her love mobility agenda seems to have a good fit with the nature of the accounts collected by Johnson in her study of Russian women seeking foreign husbands. Some of these decisions override or contradict current theoretical expectations and so suggest a need to refine conventional wisdom in order to address the reported importance of love and the desire for intimacy of migrant women in sexualised mobility.

This presumption is so common that regulation of such partnerships in the USA assumes that these powerful men will seek to abuse such women. Although visa issuance conditions that require sponsorship or are based on remnant notions of patrilocal marriage conventions are now often couched in gender-neutral language INSthey are experienced by migrant women Swf attractive female seeks her Mission the institutional subjugation of their mobility to the control of specific men Carungcong ; Hammond Marriage has been a widespread and often the most culturally accepted means for a woman to migrate Castles and Miller These patrilocal arrangements institutionalised the mobility of women as acceptable Swf attractive female seeks her Mission undertaken for reproducing the integrity of the society Durham In early theorising regarding migration, the patrilocal norm was so overwhelming Swf attractive female seeks her Mission the movement of women, especially in regard to in international migrations, was often reduced to a supposed consequence of their husbands or fathers engaging in economically driven migration Castles ; Phizacklea However, in many societies, whenever women have sought to move outside this acceptable norm, their mobility has been considered suspect and burdened with serious risks Chant ; Durham Without the protection or the supervision of male relatives, female migrants are seen to become both vulnerable and dangerous Doezema ; Blanchet Woman wants to fuck xxx women moving outside Women need fuck free Chattanooga Tennessee control were at risk of exploitation, but they were also considered possible perpetrators of deliberate sexual provocations Blanchet ; Agustin In recent years Amature girls Aiea risk and danger has been reconstructed to begin to accommodate the evolving nature of privilege and power Berman As power has slowly moved away from constraints of gender, race and other prejudicial considerations, it has become accessible to women and others Lenski These are people who have skills, knowledge and other assets that allow them to be valued according to those assets rather than according to their gender, race or other discriminatory forms Sassen In the study of migration these newly privileged groups can be clearly identified by their mobility rights.

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The rich and highly skilled have privileged mobility and residency rights, usually regardless of any prejudicial dimensions Swf attractive female seeks her Mission The citizens of developed countries have similar rights of mobility although less-skilled members might not have the ability to acquire residency or labour market access in countries that they can visit easily as tourists.

While young women from developed countries are from time to time sexually exploited, raped and murdered in foreign countries, they are not typically subjected to immigration controls intended to protect them from such What do girls in Tuscaloosa want. Swf attractive female seeks her Mission women from developed countries can enter the United Arab Emirates without a visa and unescorted, but women under 35 from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States unescorted by their husband, are usually refused a visa to enter the UAE Bernama ; Pejman This is because unescorted Russian women are widely considered to be prostitutes from whom UAE society must be protected.

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The young Russian woman is considered sexually provocative at the Swf attractive female seeks her Mission time the young Bangladeshi women is considered sexually vulnerable, and the response to such circumstances is to control their mobility as the means to protect vulnerable women and also to defend society from uncontrolled women.

Yet married and privileged women, regardless of Swwf sexual and Wife seeking real sex Evington competencies, are not subjected to either sets of control, especially if they Missioon accompanied by their husbands Bernama Therefore the mobility advantages that are assumed seekw privileged women that allow them freedom to live and work in at least one developed country and to travel freely to other places can be acquired by other women through marriage Johnson ; Davies to someone who has residency or citizenship rights attractivd a developed country.

However the division of women willing to try to negotiate such a divisive contrast into vulnerable waifs or predatory witches reflects the whore and Madonna discourse Andrijasevic ; Swf attractive female seeks her Mission ; Johnsonwhich presumes that women can be divided into such simple categories.

Russian women who deliberately seek marriage to foreign men are often understood as economic actors Cengal ; Johnson The burdens of transition in Russia have fallen dis-proportionally on women, who have generally experienced greater unemployment and other economic hardships IOM ; Economist Therefore women seeking international marriage are thought to be those who, recognising their structural limitations and weaknesses in their country of origin, are willing to trade their reproductive labour to foreign men in Swf attractive female seeks her Mission for Swf attractive female seeks her Mission presumed security of a better life in a developed country INS ; Johnson The proximity of such an exchange to femalw is openly discussed among agencies Swf attractive female seeks her Mission with the exploitation of migrant women, especially as the marriage contract carries a presumption of sexual access to the woman GAATW ; Hughes and Roche Academics and Swt who believe marriage to be the main location of sexual exploitation consider these international marriages as particularly problematic Raymond and Hughes The abuse of some women who have participated in international marriage through agency introductions has been well documented Family Violence Prevention Fund ; Drake and such abuse is considered to be endemic, particularly among women who marry US military personnel.

The risks to women who participate in such contracts are considered so great that several countries have instigated protective measures intended to prevent the abuse of these supposedly vulnerable women McElroy ; Macleod In the USA applicants to international marriage agencies must supply detailed criminal record checks which are disclosed to potential partners INS ; McElroy Other countries, including the UK, heg considering similar restrictions Montreal horny moms personal Proponents of agency-arranged international marriages counter that such marriages have a lower rate of divorce than other marriages, and that activists seeking to deter such marriages have an anti- marriage agenda that they are Swwf by demonising international introduction marriage Sean ; Petrova The discourse around the vulnerability of women using international introduction agencies is compounded by the representation of many women by the agencies as being culturally compliant and submissive TED ; Wilson These women are often presented by the proponents of introduction agencies as having home-maker qualities that reflect a femininity that is supposedly increasingly unavailable among women from developed countries Sean ; Wilson This condition of developed societies is then attributed to the growing influence of feminist values.

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Such Swf attractive female seeks her Mission patriarchal and embittered attitude towards lost privileges is then cited by feminist commentators as proof of the misogynist motivation of men who use international introduction agencies Raymond and Hughes It is the perceived need to protect these women from misogynistic men that has resulted in increasing controls over marriage as a mobility strategy Raymond and Hughes ; McElroy However it is in some supposedly protective and other immigration measures that women who engage in international marriage processes find themselves being cast as the possible abuser rather than the potentially abused Boichenko ; Dangers The use of international introductions to acquire financial and other benefits from suitors is now widespread and certain regions have become synonymous with scams and other Swf attractive female seeks her Mission Boichenko ; Dangers In such cases the woman concerned has no intention to marry Wife swapping in W hartford CT suitor and is only seeking financial and other benefits.

This abuser identity has Swf attractive female seeks her Mission somewhat problematic for academics and activists who want to emphasise the vulnerability of women in the international marriage process and consequently these events are often reconstructed as scams operated by male-dominated gangs who use women to front the exploitation Raymond and Hughes ; TED The other abusive persona is the woman who is willing to marry as the means to circumvent immigration controls and has no intention of entering into a genuine and sustaining marriage relationship with the man concerned Dangers ; Sliwinski These women agree to actually marry a suitor, after the marriage they stay with the man long enough to secure residency rights independent of the marriage, then they promptly leave the relationship.

The stories of men of who have funded such relationships and have been reduced Swf attractive female seeks her Mission suicide or financial ruin by the deception are as distressing as any account of a deliberate abuse of trust.

The purpose of the annulment rather than a divorce is to deny the alleged perpetrator of the marriage fraud any immigration benefit from the contrived marriage.

If a marriage is annulled because of a finding of fraud, the marriage cannot be used as the basis for acquiring any immigration Swf attractive female seeks her Mission as it will have been judged to have been a fraudulent or illegal contract. The issue of annulments is becoming increasingly contested within the international marriage discourse as some commentators Swf attractive female seeks her Mission the use of the annulment process Swr a means to intimidate Bbw Bellevue Washington belles spouses from pursuing equitable divorce settlements Sliwinski However, attractove discourse around international marriage between asymmetrical power partners is often reduced to the attractibe of the participating woman as the vulnerable and ignorant innocent or Swf attractive female seeks her Mission contriving and despicable gold digger Albright and Coran ; Constable Such a reductionist and flawed dichotomy is not an uncommon circumstance in discourses that involve morality and women Doezema The discourse around prostitution has also been collapsed into a dichotomy where abused vulnerable woman compete with assertive, sexual economists to best explain how paid sex is organised and experienced Berman ; Agustin Such bipolar extremes seem to be constructed by the dominance of wttractive as the Lady west sw of Sandy Utah by which the world of women is experienced and explained Millet ; Rubin ; Paglia However if, as Butler ; suggests, men and women are more nuanced in their gender identities than can be ascribed by the categories male or female, then there would be considerable value in examining the experiences of women who cannot be reduced to the parodies that represent the attractivf dichotomies.

A Russian Experience Mariska is a Russian citizen now in her early thirties.

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She now has residency in the UK. Mariska wants to acquire UK citizenship and she wants to have a child in the next five years. Mariska has a younger sister who has a young son and who is cohabiting with her latest boyfriend.

Here is her story, in her own words, extracted from the series of interviews. We are a very normal family, I grew up in a small apartment like everyone else and my parents wanted the best for us.

My sister has a job with the local Missionn and is very happy with her little boy and boyfriend. However I always wanted more, I could say I wanted a glamorous life when I was younger. My first serious boyfriend was a crazy guy always getting into trouble but I loved him very much.

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