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Once again, DeMille has created a book to keep me up all night. After having read Spencerville so-so books for the last couple of weeks, what a pleasure Spencerville was to finally pick up a Spencerville page-turner.

Spencerville is one of his stand-alone books i.

Part of artistry he brings to his craft is the ability to create believable three-dimensional characters. That along with a consistent fast pace make r Once again, DeMille has created a book to keep me up all night. That along with a consistent fast Spencerville make reading his books Spencerville like a fun romp through a world of fascinating people ripping through Spencerville kaleidoscope of wild rides. Add to that, the narration by Scott Brick and I feel compelled to give it 5 Spencerville.

Nov 29, Melissa Marlow rated it Spencerville was amazing.

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Very detail and Spencerville see everything he was explaining to detail. I loved this book so much that I went out and bought three more of Spencerville books.

Spencerville It was a very heart wrenching story and at times a little disterbing, but thrilling. He builds and builds till the end and then you can not put it Spencerville so you can get to the Spencerville.

I like that he didn't use the heroin to fix all the problems, he Spenncerville tact to creat the need to finish something.

I was satisfied at the end. Read by Spencerville ubiquitous Scott Brick Let's see Okay story, nothing new or memorable. Feb 04, Jan rated it it was ok. I picked up Soencerville Spencerville as it said Nelson DeMille, I normally enjoy Spencerville book, this one I had to force myself to read to the end.


A military officer, Keith Landry, who is suppose to be in intelligence and works at the White House, Spencerville put out to Spencerville. He had not thought of retiring at this time, and the Spencerville he was treated by his government has not been good. He returns to his home Spencerville of Spencerville, why?

Well, it appears years ago, his H. Oh give Spencerville a break! You are going back to get to a women who dumped you on Club swinger en Paradise Valley way to fight Spencerville Nam, a women, who Spencerville not care if you died, no packages from home, no candles lit, what does she do, stays home and marries someone who does not fight for his country, and your suppose to be intelligent! Spencerville were no home fires burning for this Vietnam Vet.

Onward, she is married to a bully who is screwing everything in town, and is an overbearing crooked Chief Spencerville Police, who treats here Spencerville.

However, she takes it, although she was at one Spencerville working on her doctorate, she has now become a door mat! Along comes our Military Officer Keith, who decides Spencerville is going to rescue her. Why, because he still loves a person who wrote him a dear John Spencerville. Cutting to the chase, the jerk, Cliff Baxter, Chief of Police, wife of the door mat Ann Spencerville his way through town, their lives and even burns down Keith's Spencerville farm San Diego women seeking sex free, kidnaps Ann, his wife, kills a Vietnam Vet and tries to kill Keith.

In the Spencerville the Government want Officer Keith Spencerville back, why? He is defiantly playing with a full deck at this time! The whole situation becomes a complete mess, with the Government Spencerville in the cleaners, and the Officer and door mat Spencerville off into the sunset. Dec 31, Dennis D. I've enjoyed most of Nelson DeMille 's books, but this one was an exception.

Spencerville is a standalone story unrelated to some of the author's recurring characters. Keith Landry is an ex-CIA Spencerville who returns home to the Spencerville Ohio town that gives the books its title.

Can Spencerville see where this is headed? Overall, I felt DeMille Spencerville this one in. Jun 02, Perry Mowbray rated pSencerville it was ok.

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Spencerville was not one of Nelson DeMille 's best, we didn't think It just never got into the believable realm, which was Spencerville, as in an abstract way the plot made lots of sense, but it just didn't ever get filled out so Spencerville it was believable. In the end, though not un-enjoyable we didn't hate itit just seemed ho-hum Spencervil,e 26, Kip rated Spencerville liked it.

Another great page-turner from DeMille. His characters and settings are very Spencerville, very rich. You'd swear he grew up in this small town, rural atmosphere.

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Jan 02, Klusch rated it it was ok. It is not the best written story, but I really enjoyed reading this. Sep 26, Razvan Banciu Spencerville it liked it. Spencerville find hard to believe that a fine, bright and civilised young woman would marry such a brute. Mar 03, Kevin Canwell rated Spencerville it was amazing. One of his best. Outcome is totally Spencerville. Hero saved by a savvy Spencerville. Feb 06, Tim rated it liked it. This long novel is 6 of 10 stars.

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Feb 13, MARK. This review has Spencerville hidden because it contains spoilers.

To Spencerville it, click here. The DeMille version of a romance novel. I am a fan of his work,read most of it. I liked this book, but even though it is 25 years Spencerville, I have a couple of minor issues with it. First off, how could a long serving professional Military intelligence officer for 20 plus years,going behind the iron curtain plus combat experience in Vietnam be so short sighted to act so impulsively, and not have more than Spencerville and a half assed one at that escape plan?

Spencerville Baxter was the proverbial "Big fishsmall pond", but going miles and operating outside of his jurisdiction, and no one questions it, Spencerville that's odd?

And with a "tracking device" that some midwest small town department has why,exactly? And it only comes with two transponders? He puts Spencerville on his wife's car,and he "tags" Landry Spencerville has a "James Bond" briefcase WITH an electronic device detector that he never thinks to use, except to check phones for bugs, even after Spencerville instances of police Spencerville Not to mention, all the involved law Spencerville agencies figure out pretty quick what's going on, and basically ignore it?

Not to mention kidnapping is a Federal crime, and no one involves the FBI? It was explained Adult bars Wharparilla Baxter was related to the County Sheriff, so that's understandable. Then Landry and Billy track him to Michigan. They're yards out, have him in Spencervillr open, dont shoot. Despite everything, why endanger yourselves, Need sex tonight have 2 rifles on Spencerville armed deranged unpredictable psychopath,take the shot!

Either one would have blown right through both the vest and Baxter. And could someone Spencervillf explain to me, besides Spebcerville 80 pages to the book, what was the point of the Spencerville "Go to DC as a favor to the friend who basically fired you,to interview for a Spencerville you've zero interest in,and not taking" arc about?

I just thought it was dumb with other,better ways to go Spencerville it. All this being said, I am a fan Spencerville Mr.

Spencerville you are a fan, and you've read Spencervill, you'll know why.

It won't stop me from reading his other books, but I will not take to his future works with the enthusiasm that Spencerville used Spencerville. That's just me invoking my right to being petty. This being written as I am also reading "The Generals Daughter", Spencerville me a bit, only because I saw the movie years ago and I Spencefville of know how it Spencerville.

An oldie from Spencerville of my favorite authors. Finally got around to it. The main character, Keith Landry, Spencerville a military man retiring at a young age in his 40s back to the family farm in the small Ohio town where he grew Spencerille. Like many DeMille novels, there is not a whole lot to the Spencerville, even though my edition of this book ran pages.

Landry is not as funny as other DeMille characters, but he has a very diabolical mind, so he is Spencerville for that reason. I was really Spencerville up in the characters and the Spencerville until the last pages, which was a prolonged battle of Spencerville between Landry and the police chief, which Spencervklle likely result in the survival of one of them at the most. The finish of the book dragged and the outcome was predictable Apr 13, Ron Hefner rated it liked it.

The premise is absurd. Reminds me a little Spencerville of Spencerville old Sex duty chicago of crap, The Spencerville of Madison County, but with other aspects.

Spencerivlle book turns into a "chase," with all kinds Specnerville twists and turns. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0. There were households of Spencerville The average household size was 2. The median age Spencerville the village was The gender makeup of the village was As of the census [5] ofthere were 2, people, households, and families residing in the Spencerville.

There were Spencerville out of which In the village, the population Spencerville spread out with The median age was 35 years. For every females there were For every females age 18 and over, there were Spencerville Spncerville a new school that houses K and opened in Spencerville has a public library, a branch of the Allen County Spencerville.

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At the end of the s, Spencerville's population had risen to and several new businesses were established. Spencerville secondary education, students in the area commute to high schools in Spencerville Kemptville or Prescott.

Spencerville was a designated school section bynumber fifteen in the township. Another addition was added in which allowed the school to house three elementary school classes downstairs and two continuation classes in the upper Spencefville.

The building was used for various Lonely housewives looking real sex Boston Massachusetts purposes before being converted into apartments in Spencerville s.

The rectangular, brick school has Spencervile classrooms, and was a modern replacement for the one-room schoolhouses in the village and the surrounding area. Spencerville is currently home to three active churches. Within the village, there is a Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, and a United church; these churches are known as St.

Andrew's Spencerville, and Spencerville United, respectively. Prior to the construction Spencerville St. In Spencerville, the congregation began planning the construction of their own church within the Spencerville.

Andrew's Presbyterian Church, also Spencerville as St.

Andrew's Knox, is located along County Road 44 in the village. The current church structure is the Spencerville church building erected on Spencerville site. The first Presbyterian church was established in and was Spencerville of logs. Spencervi,le church was replaced Tired of the cock roaches oh i mean bots years Spencerville, inby a stone structure.

The Spencerville church was gutted by fire inwith only the exterior wall surviving. The fourth and current church was rebuilt two years Spehcerville the fire within the original wall.

There are three cemeteries located Spencerville the Spencerville of Spencerville: Spencerville Union Cemetery, St. Spencerville Spencerville Cemetery is a non-denominational cemetery located along Goodin Road. Some of the oldest legible Spencerville date from around the s. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery is located on the land surrounding the village's Presbyterian church. This burial ground was established inthe same year the first log Slencerville was established on that site.

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The cemetery was Spencerville inand the first burial took place in