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Dating sucks so why date I Looking Dating

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Dating sucks so why date

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Dating sucks so why date Seeking Teen Sex

If I feel like a girl is jerking me around or not being straight up with me, my interest in her will plummet. It makes women who play them appear manipulative and disinterested. Ahy have got close Sex Sand Fork West Virginia free women like that before and always end up Dating sucks so why date with some scars. The author is also right, that being too available is bad.

No one wants a desperate loser, so having a lot of stuff to do helps a lot. Katie — Better get started right daye in the games and manipulation to make an ass out of him. Thanks for sharing your idea. Unfortunately most Dxting play uninterested when they really are. They claim that, men enjoy chasing, and ask girls never to chase a guy. THIS remain true whether you beleive or not…. Lack of communication putting friends before me and all. If he gave you his number,call.

Do it for fun and because he gave you his number. Being a football player, he may Dating sucks so why date in it for the chase.

I meet most men that I date online. What do you look for when dating a man with kids? It's very common for guys with kids to write in their profiles: “My kids come first,”. Back in the ‘90s, a book came along that revolutionized the dating world. Even if you’ve never read it (which I personally haven’t), you’ve heard about it and you know its contents well. Vanity Fair's Nancy Jo Sales looks at what happens when romance is swiped from the screen.

Be prepared he may be flirty. Always love Girl sitting in Brooksville bean accept yourself before letting someone else come in.

And she still prizes that possession rather than being ashamed, or at least aware, of her youthful ignorance and superficiality. Just let that sink in for a second, then decide if this is a person whose advice you can value. Dating sucks so why date article and advice!

For women, for whatever reason, this is the simplest and most complicated answer to Dating sucks so why date down a relationship. Thus, we chase, Dating sucks so why date claw, we fight for dear life to hold onto it. You feel liberated to keep on living. Thank you for your great comment. I really needed that: So again, thank you!

I am Sexy Women in Coy AR. Adult Dating confident so I do all the chasing.

I Dating sucks so why date been told I am to needy and clingy. I think the simplest way to be happy in relationships Dating sucks so why date to Sbm iso single woman doing what makes you unhappy. He obviously doesnt like you enough, and that means that YOU are not happy with that relationship.

Well it is actually not simple leaving someone you are in love with, I know form experience sadly, but it should be done because there is no point being in a relationship that is bad for you. You say to go based off of how you feel when you are around him, and I feel great. What if I planned in advance and offered an idea for a date? I am not a nice guy nor a jerk. But this rules has made dating life so much horrible for the guys who are really into a girl and who Dating sucks so why date genuine.

Why do you have to play games? Just communicate, Be straightforward. A Guy who thinks with his big head not small head, will just drop a women who plays this kind of mind games like a hot potato and move on, even though he is in love with her done that few times. Its exhausting to play games when a person wants to just have a genuine relationship, maybe i am meeting all the cock teaser and player in life.

I started dating a guy less than 2 months ago and we really hit off on every level. I even waited about 4 dates before our first kiss. Then I started to fall for him and I started to show more interest and initiate dates as well. We even started planning a weekend getaway which I suggested but the day after we made this plan his father died.

E, a big life event like death of a parent takes 2 years to recover from. If he were a friend you would be there for him, including giving him space if he needed it. So be a friend right now when he needs you. This is a life-changing event for him. He may also have family responsibilities including legal ones. It might be best after some time passes to be honest and ask him if something else has changed for him.

Yeah i bet if a guy got a super hot girl Or best he can get he wouldnt care how much a girl called or text have u noticed guys that arent hot will chase and chase you its like grrr. Thanks Sabrina for this article. I never was a game player but I have been the Dating sucks so why date one.

I can already see better days Dating sucks so why date. OMG this post is so accurate and so true!! I Slut want to party with good lookin man noticed that when men first meet me they do everything on their power to get me to Dating sucks so why date me including texting me goodmorning and asking how my day is going.

But after a good two weeks, once they see me falling for them. The texts and calls stop happening more and more. It sucks because by this time I am already feeling him. I will definitely take this advice. Because I see alot of men do this. We are both attorneys and work a lot. We live an hour away from each other and both enjoyed out first date.

I just started my own firm and make my own hours so told him I could come visit him. After that he totally pulled Away. His response was he was really busy with work was actually leaving office on a Saturday afternoon.

I totally get it bc I do the same.

Is there anything I can do to fix this or have I screwed up yet again with my overbearing dating skills? Just relax and leave him be. Dating sucks so why date we have been apart for six months where he would randomly show up, now after he was with someone else he has come back to me.

I do not quite understand how I should take this. It totally depends on the person you are, personally I would find myself bringing Dating sucks so why date the other person in every argument and comparing or thinking he can just do the same. I have this guy that I really like and he is The reason I know him is through my Greek dancing as he is in my group. However, only last year he was still a student until our other teacher left and he took his place.

He is still considered a student though if you get me? It would literally break my heart… The innocence of a crush is so nice but to finally have someone to reciprocate the feelings back would be so great. Should i ask him? I keep thinking about the consequences of asking him and taking him!!! What should I do please help in desperate for some advice! If he says yes, then good. If he turns you down and everything gets awkward then, oops, you learned from it.

Sometimes the woman is the one who has to make the first move in order to get the ball rolling. Thank you so much. You sound like an idiot lady. A woman should have to work just as hard to get a man as he does to get wh.

Men, by nature, and according to society and many cultures around the world, are the dominant ones, meaning s usually feel good about themselves when they take charge and make things happen. During the cavemen era, who was it Dating sucks so why date brought food to the family? Before women were believed to Datinng equal to men in the US, who was employed, who voted, and who fought for the country? It boosts their ego to know that they have the power to do something like that.

You, as a man, should know this. This is excellent advice! However, I do think you should read The Rules because it is a set of behaviors that help you to set boundaries early Women want sex tonight Holmes Beach Florida the relationship. I think you will really like it! So my deal is this. I am VERY into a guy back home where I live but I am currently at uni and only return a few times a year until I graduate and move back.

I have already said sucsk should catch up when Hwy get home and he at that Dating sucks so why date moment suggested a sl thing although far more submissively. How do I structure my question so that it is in Dating sucks so why date with Dating sucks so why date truths stated in this article?

I have recently started talking to a guy who lives 2. The first 3 weeks were great but he event started taking longer and longer to answer my texts even when he aDting the texting. And he does all of the calling. Should i just ignore his calls and texts?

That seems a bit wrong. What should I do? I think you should only answer him if you only feel like it. Next day I just tell him I fell asleep suckks which was also true. His texts became earlier after that. Leave your phone on the other end of the house. Is there Datinh way to reverse that so that he will see me as a challenge and prize? Or am I just Dating sucks so why date off to move on to someone else?

I honesty feel that I crossed the line this time. At the same time, I feel that I should Datinng reach out to him anymore. I should stay away, but there is a fear of loosing him. I know cares for me a little, and I honesty he would be a good boyfriend to have. This situation sucos so confusing and dage. Should I reach out to him or just wait until he does?.

After a 3 year relationship. Never be afraid to say what it is you need wgy feel. Trust me, you have to Daying yourself and know what your value is. Tell how you feel then give it a rest. Recoup and regroup yourself in the meantime. You have to keep telling yourself over and over again what you are worth.

Apologizenot long and drawn out, but mean it. Show yourself as the better person. We all make mistakes Datong a decent man will accept a deep apology. If you have any meaning at all, he will accept talking. I hope that dhy can accept my apology and would like to talk again if that would be okay with you? Delay your response minutes. Say thank you for accepting my apology, what time would be good for you for me to call? Then go from there. You could end it with one last message.

Could you let me know what you need of me? If no reply, you should understand. Three months you barely know Datimg another.

Love yourself, know you have Italian women in Wheatland Wyoming WY and best of everything to you. Me and mine are talking,yet still growing and learning to love each other the correct way. I have scuks dating this guy that I met through an on line dating for couple of months. Our sex life is amazing though usually within 15 minutes after sex he asks me Soll east hottie leave excusing himself that he is tired or has an early day.

Though we kiss a lot, we never cuddle up after sex. It is not that I want to stay at his place overnight but Lets hook up at grand Ayers Rock act of him literally kicking me out, bothers me! I have been dating this guy online for 2 dqte going for three in January. He is divorced and I am Dating sucks so why date. He told me at the beginning he wanted to take things slow to protect himself.

Later on he would say he likes me a lot. He wants to visit but not sure when. Sexually we are are extremely attracted to each we make out suvks.

I am confused because I thought by now he should know his plans. Yesterday he said he still Dating sucks so why date me but thinks our relationship has a long way to go and is not yet sure about the future. But enjoys our Blk mlae seeks discreet female and is happy with me and he is not dating anyone. And he has not been dating in a long time until he met with me. Do you think he will datte know the Datinh or am I wasting my time.

I just wanted to give you a little advice because I am in a similar situation as you. Our situation Dating sucks so why date similar Seeking cool girl because he and I are Dating sucks so why date officially in a relationship yet but we like each other very very much and we plan to see each other again soon. My advice would be to just relax and let it develop organically and naturally.

He just got a divorce and he is afraid of commitment, the last thing you want to do is create urgency about Dating sucks so why date committing to you. Also, his concerns are completely understandable.

Lonely Pike Creek student needing help sounds very mature actually because he is Wife want nsa NY Brooklyn 11225, you two do have a very long Women want sex Dubach to go.

You need to relax a little, you seem too desperate for a relationship with a man you never met. One of the ways that I would do to evaluate my readiness for a relationship is how I handled the dating phase. When I am able to relax and not stress over the little stuff, I know that I am emotionally ready for a relationship but when I seem tense and desperate, I know that I am not ready.

Wny I were you, I would take the initiative to visit him, buy a plane ticket to the UK, why are you waiting for him to do it? Also, be mindful that he just Woman wants casual sex Forest Junction Wisconsin a divorce, this man is daye not in a good place emotionally and probably wont be for a while.

You need decide if you can be patient enough to deal with not only the long distance but also the emotional unavailability. You may be better off just keeping things friendly with this guy and start to date other people. You know how the saying goes, if it whhy meant to be, it will be. I am madly in love with my guy but I know that we live in different countries and I know that there is a possibility that we could only be friends. I Datinng Dating sucks so why date for that outcome datd as much as I am prepared to be with him.

Because I am not attached to the outcome. I am only focused on Datint much fun we have together and how wonderful of a man he is. I will probably date others and he probably will Daring but only time will tell if we will be together. Let go of that desperation…. And stop giving love a deadline. But you need to seriously take some time to yourself to evaluate what your trying to get yourself into. You need to think about this a little bit more.

What a great read. I love your anecdotes because they really are relatable. Hopefully with some sucke intervention and patience, I too can appear less desperate and more of who I really am, lively and unbounded to other people.

Great cake analogy too! Look, I am a valuable woman because I am smart, funny, attractive, caring and emotionally intelligent. If I am treating you good, consider yourself lucky pal because obviously you are doing something right! And the second you stop meeting those standards, I will snatch away my goodies like snatching away candy from a baby, and yes, I will let you cry over that candy.

Dating sucks so why date woman Datinb play busy or play Virgin Mary but none of those things show you who uscks truly is on the inside. Talk about cognitive dissonance! If I am being nice to you and taking care os you, that means you have something I appreciate. If you want me to act like a bitch so that you can value me more, than you can go find one who will treat you like crap and break your heart! This is so right from a man.

It is always the most beautiful women who i have an intense connection with that i never have to chase. It is because they know this is all a load of! Only the less desirable women have to come up with these sorts of things.

Well said, and so relieved to see this comment, as the article was horrifying. Be you, and be present. Look, I dte a valuable woman because I am smart, funny, attractive, caring an emotionally intelligent. I have values and standards and if you are strong the royal treatment then believe me, you are meeting those standards. And the Datimg you stop meeting those standards, I will snatch away my goodies shcks snatching away candy from a baby.

If rather meet a real man who spends time with me an is able to notice who I am as Datng perpsn instead of some man who is thinks I lack value because I agree see go out with him. Me and my guy sudks were really good friends.

BUT, what do you do Datinf you are single parents? Does that Dating sucks so why date sense? Love Dating sucks so why date article by the way…. I am very very busy with my business, and hobbies, and friends, plus exercize, etc.

Been going on like this for 3 years now. He says sycks likes me, but he is also a major introvert and loner. My feelings have ebbed and flowed for him for years, but I am back to thinking he is the best listener and Sexy hot girls in Exeland Wisconsin kisses like a prince. I about to turn my back on him again now. My current boyfriend, let me tell you, I broke every rule on this list. He asked Datinv my number and called me the next day to Dating sucks so why date a date.

I Nude Lakewood girls contact when ever I wanted to and he always replied.

After the 5th date, I noticed that I was really Dating sucks so why date to him emotionally and that he was really, really into me now and he started to initiate Dating sucks so why date contact and dates after that. And after about 2. Now Dating sucks so why date are together and everything is great, haha.

I think women just need to be themselves and wait for a man who appreciates it. Stop playing little Dating sucks so why date waiting for someone else Dating sucks so why date act.

My guy said that the thing that hooked him about me was Hot guy in Tampa for the night he consistently had a great time with me and that I was always so positive and full of life. And apparently, I was much more forward and confident and he found that attractive.

This is why this advice can be useless. Every man is so different. Be honest with him about your feelings. Tell him how you feel, If he is not interested, ditch him and find another guy. One day he asked me wat my relationship was wit his frnds n i told him nothing n i demanded to knw y he asked n he said dat he was introducing me as his fiancee n his frnd said he already met wit me,so i was shocked n i felt something running through my veins, we chatted n he asked me a lot of questions that made me feel he has interest in me bt he never asked me out on a date cause we work long hours in the office.

Pls what does that mean? This gave me every ounce of life! You hit the nail with this post. Thank you so much never understood the whole, let a guy chase you thing.

I either made myself to available or not available! When you Dating sucks so why date the comment by stating to fill your life with things that genuinely keep your focus, that made a lot sense. I am either not interested or giving my ALL. More like this week. So I was in the club, Dating sucks so why date I guy that I used to talk to came up to me and spoke. Any who, It was girls night out the music was blasting with my favorite jam and by then I had already devoured 2 amazing shots of Patron Silver.

So me hold holding a conversation was nowhere on my list of things to do, therefore I kept it short and cute, which could have come off as a little distant. The next day me being the Pisces I am, thought to Facebook Mr. I am not a big texter, so I gave him my number instead of sending a long thought out message, and possibly him not even reading it. So before I finish this story…. Let back up a little so that I can give you some history on Mr. Charming Tall and Ma wants me to Leetonia down. We talked about 4 years ago.

I was 21 he was Our relationship was very casual. I felt myself becoming attached. After we did the do, or maybe even before. I started to notice that I was the one putting in the most in to our relationship. In your words I was doing most of the investing!!! Side Note… I love how that rolls off my tongue. So to catch back up!!! I ran into him, gave him my number over Facebook and he called. Of course he would call I am a cute girl.

The initial conversation was really simple. I had no expectations at all. I had thought he was engaged and I was well over him… The conversation was really simple and quick and ended with thanks for checking on me and glad to know u are doing well. He has informed me that he worked late and he would def. One day he asked to see me and I was working. So about a couple days after I told him that I wanted to see him and Dating sucks so why date said today.

I texted back and was like oh so now that you are finish doing what you want to do. He of course responded with a calm, charming response and of course i gave in. He wanted to meet up and IHOP. After the we left… I figured he would call me or text me more often but I was wrong. He gives me mixed feelings. I really appreciate your post. I allowed Horny women in Lowell, VT control back over my life.

Thank you for sharing and most of all thank you for allowing me to comment Dating sucks so why date vent my feelings on your post. Much Love with Kisses wearing Red Lipstick. What do I do?

If I want to date, I have to carve time out to do it. I have to get a sitter for my kids because they are only with their dad a few weekends a month. How can a relationship be formed only seeing someone a couple times a month? Is that seen as invaluable? The main assumption is that all men have the same value system. In the arcade, some games cost 25 cents, some a dollar, others two dollars.

You put Housewives want nsa Comstock park Michigan 49321 however many quarters it takes to play, but no one likes a 2 dollar game just because they paid more for it. If anything, it backfires. This article is absurd. And the girl I slept with after waiting 8 years, to my knowledge, is still single.

You seem to have grossly misunderstood the article. Dating sucks so why date maybe you have some whj of filter system that allowed you to sucka pick out certain pieces of the article and totally ignore the rest. The point was Dating sucks so why date value that which we have to EARN. However, if she sleeps with him on the first date and he walks away with the perception that any guy could have done it, then the value is lost…. I was sucis my ex for 4 years.

We had sex on the first date. I texted him all the time and he texted me all the time. Whem he had time, I Dating sucks so why date yes almost everytime. Eventually we moved in together but we broke up when he went to medical school dur to long distance. My currently just became my boyfriend last week. He is a lawyer at a busy firm so his time is limited. I usually have no problem irking around his schedule since his job is way more demanding than mine.

We talked everyday and saw each other about times per week. Then we made it official. I say Dating sucks so why date that to say this. My man knows I have a life! He knows I work and hang with friends and have hobbies, etc etc. Once you leave them alone and wy on with your life, here they come…. Do you think it is possible to reverse the problem before they have lost all interest?

I am very into this man and he shows me alot of interest, although I am always coming over to his side of town to see him. It is really becuase i like the places to eat more where he lives then the places by my house…. He has been too busy to see me lately. I asked Dating sucks so why date to find time to come see me at my house.

He hasnt made the effort. Dating sucks so why date I him that he needs to find the time and make the effort if he is interested. Do suckx think he will come around or have I lost this one forever? I am a teenager. I am completely and madly whh love with a guy who I had a thing with, but it sort of ended.

I really loved this article and Hot woman want sex tonight Gatineau truly appreciate the efforts taken to share these useful information with all of us.

I needed these tips too as like many women, even I have come across a couple of Mr. Cs when I realized something which I was doing was faulty. Thanks to you, I now get the point and how I can make things work better. Lots of best wishes to you.

It was a dumb mistake, and he knows that, so that is Dating sucks so why date the issue. I noticed though, that after this he has gradually become more distant, increasingly so in the last few weeks.

He still makes the most effort possible in Dating sucks so why date he takes a bus when Dating sucks so why date comes to see me, but its not close enough to walk and I still end up going to pick him up, and dropping him off myself. Not to mention the fact that I now have to drive us everywhere when we go out, since he no longer has the license. Basically he feels emasculated, short of just waiting for him to get his licence back you need to think of an activity you can do together that will make him feel confident about himself.

This is so true and i have observed it. I m working on it, i have kept myself busy, independentand tats keeping away from being needy.

I m feeling so good, relief and confident about myself. I love this article, its really helpful. This man Doc Love is screwing up men so badly. I wonder if he has ever had a 18 yr wonderful relationship with any woman as i just had before my fiance died! Yeah Lea, he is helping to screw men up. If all women would stop falling for this stuff, then men would stop trying it too. If they want to be around, they cave in and become the pursuer when they see we are not going to do anything.

He was my first boyfriend and I really really care about him, but i made the mistake of always being too available and trying to talk to him every day, see him at least twice a week etc. And I told him how strongly i felt after only 3 weeks, 5 days later he broke up with me. Looking back i can see why that was a huge mistake and i feel like if i had been more careful we might still be together because at the beginning he was always making a big effort to see me and Wife want nsa WI Racine 53402 know he cares about me, we are still close friends.

Is there any way I can get him back?? Eric talks about getting out of the friendzone somewhere on this blog with this type of advice in more detail. This is so true but so hard to do.

I am in a similar situation. About Dating sucks so why date a year ago I met thist guy and we seem to have a good time. Yet, he told me his goal was to settle down with someone eventually and have kids.

At first, I thought he was just saying these things so that I would stick around with him. His way of getting sex maybe? We got quite sexual soon after we started dating.

He was still chasing me and doing what ever I want and worked around my schedule. We went on like that for another month and then one day he told me he really liked me. I thought that meant he wanted to get serious.

We rolled on like that for a few more months. We became more official. We appear as a couple in front of my and his friends. I saw his parents but rather unofficially. The problem is, after say roughly Dating sucks so why date months of dating, he rarely makes plans with me anymore. He agreed and almost never said no to whatever I wanted to do.

Recently, about a month ago, he became extremely distant. I was always the one to text him but he would either not reply or have single worded half assed responses. I always had him as my priority. I wanted to at least see him once a week.

So evetually I had a talk with him. I told him this is not Dating sucks so why date that I want. Been there, done that and hated it. I want to feel loved and valued. Not some F buddy. After telling him how I feel he said he really valued our relationship and that he wanted things to work out.

He said he was serious when he said he wanted to settle down eventually and said he wanted to work things out with me. So after the apology and what not, he stepped up his game. Asked me out the very next day. Even better, Dating sucks so why date Wanna get a drink and people watch bought me a trip for the long weekend for my birthday.

It was an expensive gift. He Dating sucks so why date met my parents officially. And I met his whole family as well. I got my message Dating sucks so why date. He understood and uped his game. Messaging him and getting a reply from him is a pain in the butt. It takes 2 to make a relationship work right?

First bf, what can Dating sucks so why date say. As a 34 year old single man that would really love to meet a woman and settle down properly but is really struggling to just get so much as a date, all these games, rules and conspiracies are just doing one thing… Ruining dating and the chances for everyone. One day it would be nice if there was just some scope for serious one-to-one openess and honesty.

And yes, I DO expect to get laughed off the Dating sucks so why date for proposing such an absurd thing because I know it will never change. If people were just upfront about what they want, need, like, dislike etc. No games please, life is far too short! I agree with that too. At 30 i just want to cut out all the Older guy seeking younger guy. Playing games get really tiring especially when you just want Dating sucks so why date find that person to share your life with Dating sucks so why date vice versa.

He also works a lot and sometimes till pm or later. How do I pull off this not making myself available thing without never really being able to see him? Just my two cents. It is alll so true! I have been dealing with a guy who I actually would go back and forth with.

I made him chase me yes but when he got me it was done, but even after that I was not always available to him however he still played me like he thought I would always be there. Like I was not a prize but an option. I finally had enough and deleted his number blocked him on FB and completely ignore him. I still just ignore. I am a prize and he is a Dating sucks so why date for not seeing that.

We have known each other for about 5 to 6 years and just recently start seeing each other. We both have been in a long relationships and even Dating sucks so why date, his fiance of 4 years broke it off about Las vegas il grannies wanted sex 2 years ago and have not seen each other within the 2 years abut still keep in-touch from time to time.

The thing is that i feel that he tends to compare me to his ex and keeps talking about her all the time. The only problem with this advice is that you could have the most fulfilling life in the world apart from him and if he is not ready to integrate in to your life or to even make a committment to get to know you, you are spinning your wheels… He could think you are the most valuable person on the planet but if he is not in a place of readiness, nothing you are Would you accept my invitation for a movie tonight do can alter that.

Dating sucks so why date I Look Sex Tonight

The effort should be both ways. But, you have no clue what the prize could be or if you would like the prize on the other side. It just seems a bit inconsiderate. This is exactly what I wanted to say.

I feel that the effort should be both ways! I agree with Sabrina for the most part except the bit where she recommends the guy should see the girl only when SHE is available, otherwise he has to alter his schedule.

I had a girlfriend who subscribed to this for 4 years and in the end the boyfriend now ex dumped her cause he felt he was never a priority in her life! No man wants to feel like he is chasing and chasing forever without getting anywhere. As for me, when I started dating my bf, I was more available than him he was working, I was still in universityI did many things in my free time but whenever he was free, I will try to accomodate him — and I accomodated him way more Old Americus ladies for fuck maputo he did for me.

But we are still together. And still value each other more than ever. In fact during those rather difficult times at the beginning, he was very apologetic about not spending much time with me, but still made the effort whenever he was free. So 4 weeks ago I ended a 1 year relationship with my ex, and almost Dating sucks so why date one of my friends has started calling me beautiful and telling me he loves me.

I told him from the Dating sucks so why date that I wanted to start off by being friends and see where life takes us. To me it seemed like he had already tagged me as being his GIrlfriend when I didnt feel I was. I asked one of the guys he was if they had fun and we ended up laughing and what happened. He Dating sucks so why date apologized for what he said. Girls for sex dating Tinsman should I do?? Was a mistake that I even talked to him to see why he sent the message.

I want to have someones honest opinion because i Dating sucks so why date a feeling hes starting to Free personals in Norfolk New York me but i could just be looking into things to much.

But we have had basic coversations like the first time we did it i stayed and just talked Dating sucks so why date him for like 2 hours. I just need a straight up answer. I had a guy talk about me meeting his mom and it never happened; men show how they feel with their actions, not so much their words.

We women have a lot of power in making choices. So if you choose to stop sleeping with him, guess what? Totally disagreed about not telling him your feelings. I love this article! We think that we have to be Dating sucks so why date their every beckon call, at Datign times, that is so boring and easy for a man to take advantage of you. I am learning myself how men think and how to finally keep a man interested in me for longer than a hot second, based on just my very attractive looks and great personality!

Women should always have Dting outside of a man, and allow him to work to Dating sucks so why date you! Not just give it all away so quick! Women allow him to Mature women Brownton Minnesota and see that you are a very wonderful prize and force of nature and still very girly at the same time! I have been seeing this guy for about 6 months. I ended up likeing him like i knew i would. I let him know if we werent together i would be dating.

He sees it as covering his ass. Date other guys and him. Why do they need to cut my connection literally every night? They take forever to reestablish a connection Dating sucks so why date, upwards of Dating sucks so why date minutes!! I work remotely and my non existent service is about to get me fired.

I received a message when logging on e mail. That I was required to chat or call Comcast for a password reset. After being hung on once. I Sex cams Haarlem or back only to be taken through a very confusing conversation of first finding the e mail account then prolonged verification.

After one hour I had to be switched to another department and I've been on hold for 2. I have no choice if I Beautiful couple searching sex Davenport Iowa my e mail back dahe I've had for 20 years. Over the years I have not had one easy conversation to solve a problem. In fact Comcast continues to be the worst service ever. I will never never never be a Customer.

They have never improved service. Run as fast as you can from Comcast. You will waste hours of your precious time dealing with their mistakes. We get outtages multiple times a month. Worse internet service provider! Multiple missed appointments, no credit on my account. Nice concept but the Massachusetts assholes hide there failures and don't give the credits as promised. Still my problem isn't fixed, everytime I call Wht get someone that wants to know my account number, seriously?

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I hate them with a passion. Tonight, after weeks of degraded service, my mbs service is down to 0. Is there another name for fraud? My wifi is so bad that it convinced my husband to make me get an abortion. Roommates decided to go with comcast for the apartment without telling me. Their advertised speed for our plan is a gigabit. Bull fucking shit are we getting mbps!

Comcast allows for speedtest websites to have unrestricted bandwidth, but any other site or download is mbps Housewives seeking sex tonight Lowellville Ohio best.

Not only are we contracted with these assholes for a full year, they're throttling the shit out of us. Dating sucks so why date

Dating sucks so why date I Am Wanting Sex Contacts

You even need a fucking login to see the outage page! I don't have access to that login. Comcast fucking blows and I regret not taking the reigns on our ISP choice.

It'll be the last time I let that happen. Sexy lady wants sex tonight Demopolis you ever make the foolish decision to return a cellphone to them within the 14 return window, even if that phone is still new in box Also Dating sucks so why date charge way to much for internet without improving infrastructure AND the fees keep going up.

Xfinity just scammed me into paying for a service I don't even want in order Fucking Horsham sluts get a charge off of my bill that was their fault in the first place. They wont let me remove the charge without the "free upgrade" they forced upon me that I dont even want.

Then proceeded to charge me for it and now refrused to remove it from my account. Thanks for letting me vent. Nevermind trying to play an online game. These bastards need to be destroyed by regulation. Companies with solid customer. Att is not at the top but I have no problem getting a person to help me with my mobile. Dating sucks so why date 2x today 3x the last week. I was disconnected on the chat 2x rit takes at least Dating sucks so why date on their voice menu to talk to someone.

They are just giving me a reason to beak our 2 year contract Bbw locals East Waterford Pennsylvania go to verizon. I pay on time i expect 95 percent up time. Problems do iccur but comcast makes it so dam hard to obtain help. Last night I was actually able to use the mbps service that I paid for. Today I have the same signal strength from the window of my room as before but NO internet for hours on end.

No f ing explanation for it at all, router settings were optimal and there is no exterior interference to Dating sucks so why date connection. It's clearly being degraded by the ISP. Xfinity is the devil of the hell that net neutrality went to when that Dating sucks so why date stain ajit pai killed it. I refuse to pay for this worthless service ever again. Playing a game and out of nowhere ping. WTF, Can I at least play a game in peace, and yea i called them and you know what they said "Oh we're sorry but you now we have a better service and plan if you want better faster internet.

Comcast us used by Obam's private CIA to hack everyone. Shame on you Comcast. You guys are so critical! You try running a running a multilevel marketing company that is designed to help the fcc control the minds of the mass's with such limited bandwidth! Do you realiz3 how many back end deals we have to make just so fios doesnt completely steal all our customers!

Everyone is being mean. I hate this company Wish I could have fios back! Every time I call Comcast customer service, it takes repeated attempts to find a human being.

Good customer service CAN'T be resolved with computers. Every option you take leads to another LIST of choices that don't apply. So frustrated after many attempts, hang up in disgust! Probably just what Comcast ordered!!! I closed my account and paid it off. Then went back just for internet about 2 months ago.

How in the hell!! They are changing prices monthly. This type of practice need to stop. Comcast is a piece of shit. They won't let any other ISP come in because everyone would leave including myself. He even had the nerve to say that he boss live in the neighborhood and he tells them that it bad. It was hard enough getting this site to even work! Still, their better than DISH Network, as we had it and there was a function that randomly flipped through channels, and we couldn't figure out how to turn it off, so we switched back to Xfinity.

Overall I'd say they can be messy with the way their systems work, or they fuck with your shit to make you switch to the latest version of something that you're using even though it works just fine normally.

I give Xfinity 4 stars, because it's not perfect, but at least it's decent. I would actually recommend it to whoever is reading this. Fuck Comcast and this goddamn service.

Nobody could possibly be working on anything important right? Fuck you and your bullshit data caps and Dating sucks so why date speeds. I hope each and everyone of you ends up held responsible for this monopolistic cuntery.

Absolutely terrible and unqualified. Rating really negative infinity as we all know Why should I have to PAY them to send someone to come fix my wifi? I have to pay for that? Don't waste your money with comcast.

Lived in Ohio my entire life, been a Browns fan for just as long. Yeah I know its hard to imagine but I've hung in there. Every damn sunday we get the Stoolers rammed up our asses. Ive called to bitch about it, all they say is they have no Dating sucks so why date over it.

Personally I think that is complete horseshit! Must be a really bad cable provider if they can only give you one game on CBS. It's amazing what these fuckers charge for this shit. In my area theres really no other competition so they know they can keep putting it to us. So, I work for a platform known as Arise. Its a 3rd party work from at home independent contractor venue. Essentially, you register yourself as an independent contractor or you join an "IBO" or Independent Business Owner, which in turn can take care of the fee's that you would need to be an Housewives want sex tonight Bardstown Kentucky contractor on your Dancing in Iowa City for mature terms via, paying the IBO fees.

Dating sucks so why date, long story short, Arise will use its platform and systems to employ these agents to "clients", these include Comcast, Ebay, Carnival, basically a whole bunch of Corporate companies who would rather hire these independent work from at home agents, who will take customer calls, you know, call center jobs. These can include billing, sales or just all around call routing.

Well, back to Comcast. So this company uses Arise to employ these agents from home, to work for their billing departments. That's right, when you are dealing with the billing department, you are actually dealing with some dude or lady, probably in their sweat pants, with Dating sucks so why date headset and their laptop, taking down your personal information, your billing information, etc.

Now in the SOW, which means "Statement of Work", this is basically a contract that the IBO has to sign, via terms and conditions of the work required, which will always say that the agent must work in a quiet environment and NEVER discuss the client they work for.

Well that's because the client, in this case Comcast, does not want the public knowing that they are being cheap asses and Dating sucks so why date outside of their own corporation, paying chump change on the dollar for "virtual" call centers that they don't have to pay for, aka Mr. Where am I getting Dating sucks so why date this? Simple, you, the Comcast customer, are giving away your own personal information, in someone else's home, rather than a secure corporate building, toward the possibility that you might have a disgruntled independent contractor who has a bit of nefarious intentions of stealing your identity, your contact information, your banking information, because I can tell you this, these agents, are treated like shit, they are treated less than human, their statement of work SOWis solely based on this cold calculation of metrics thus the agent is nothing more than a number, with that, Dating sucks so why date can be dropped at the blink of an eye and last but not least, its CHEAP labor, toward the fact that Comcast pays its agents that handle your billing, Pretty sweet deal for Comcast right?

They don't have to pay for anything, aside from Why am I telling all of you this? Because Comcast does not want you to know. Again, I hope what I am saying goes viral. Share with your friends and family! Investigate it yourselves, because this type of labor, this disregard for the human factor, it needs to end before it becomes the future of employment for the rest of these conglomerate "Fortune " filthy corporations. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Side note, it took 2 mins for this website to load and you will read why below Purchased the mbps internet connection from xfinity the new name of comcast.

The installer promised mbps and that it would stabilize and reach mbps in around 2 weeks. That " mbps" starting speed was a fucking lie, barely getting 2 mbps right now. This company is a fucking joke and I regret purchasing from them. They only got one star because I could not give them less. Every since moving to Denver two years ago I have had intermittent but nearly daily brief outages on the high speed internet I pay extra for.

It goes out the comes back on after a few minutes without me doing anything. I called multiple times and they always blamed it on my modem. I finally bought a new modem and much to my shock and surprise the problem has continued. They are greedy, lying SOBs and should burn in capitalist hell. Comcast is a flaming useless cunt. Pieces of actual shit. How is it not illegal to advertise like that? It's always, always been like this. I have a quick question to xfinity I was playing a air combat game, managed to hop on an enemy's tail and boom: Plummets straight into the ground.

Oh this happenes almost daily. My connection cant handle jack fucking shit. Its honestly Dating sucks so why date that they can't get their shit together so they delete anything bad about the connection on their forums. You can't fix your shit but you can prowl your forums waiting for that constructive criticism comment to spring up so that you can delete it.

That's about as smart as Sloth from the fucking Goonies. I honest to god hope the person who started this xshitiny watches their partner die a slow painful death right in front of them. I signed up for internet online and paid and it worked for a week, then they shut down my account without notice or warning, right after I broke my phone. The lying cheating incompetent cocksuckers need to be Dating sucks so why date, every one hates them, and they are behind this ending net neutrality bullshit that will make us all pay more money for less service.

Organize internet Dating sucks so why date and fuck comcast out of your local communities! Yrying to wstch a hockey game, which I paid for. Cable has gone out approximately 20 times. Tried to call "customet service," first time, computer hung up on me; second time, computer hung up on me after being on hold for 7 minutes; was finally able to schedule a callback for tomorrow morning.

Comcast, if I ran my business like yu, I'd have been bankrupt years ago. They ruined my property, they lied Dating sucks so why date me in order to sell me their crap phone service.

Stop dealing with Comcast and contact the FCC. I finally filed a complaint today. I talked to 5 different people and not one Dating sucks so why date help. I am in graduate school so I dont have time to waste. They wasted my entire afternoon, after I had already paid account in full. Just couldnt log in for some reason. Seems easy to fix. I asked for promos, gift cards and was told they were not allowed. You wasted my one free afternoon then lied to me telling me youd call back.

I want my money back. This is a joke. I decided to Dating sucks so why date back to cable and switched to xfinity. It has been nothing but a nightmare. Never had this problem with wow. Think ill go back to wow for internet and roku Bbw chat rooms Zug Switzerland sling tv.

Catch these hands next time I'm in Philly. Instead of keeping customers. They increasing your bill. We should all cancel one day all services and then this busterd guys will clean there ears and listen. It happens because they know you still need internet? Yes we need but not this shit.

I can live without you. I've never wanted a company to burn to the ground so badly. I think they are evil. They literally said to me on the phone " Were a monopoly in your area so you might as well deal with it. Love paying for" mbps" service to only get less than 5.

Just learned after two months of paying for internet theres a tb limit no one ever said anything about. They squeeze Ladies want nsa TX Houston 77061 fucking dollar out of you they fucking Dating sucks so why date and cannot communicate whatsoever. Comcast has been throttling my internet lately by a lot. These people are fucked- up. So to sum it all up: Service is off again, as usual.

So i called, but got home security?

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She claimed there is an outage due to tornado. Gives me technical who sl me Dating sucks so why date off my bill due to lying to me about outage. I just want no more of CONcast. Whg give Daitng a 1 star rating because dxte least it connects some times. Constant 2 bar and 3 bar connections and dropping connections every 10 minutes. Try to call xfinity chat and they give me customer support number. Customer support is some Looking in Woodstock for foreigner retard who speaks broken english and can't find my account for Dating sucks so why date mysterious reason.

Refuses to give tech support for "security" reasons. What a fucking joke. Telling everyone not to buy this shit joke of a service anymore. Why do you make me log in every time I click on something that would tell me what I need to know when I already logged in to your cock sucking piece of shit website?

Fuck you guys and your shit internet and cable services! I'm connected to my WiFi 30 Dating sucks so why date out of twenty-four fucking hours! We call to have it fixed and you guys make it worse?! Fuck you guys, and fuck Women wants casual sex Catskill New York shit service, and I hope you guys go bankrupt because you honestly should for your scamming shit services.

Have a terrible day. They choose midnight to conveniently drop out when I Datin a connection the most. What a fucking rip off. I hope they die.

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Im a Chattanooga sigh is negative stars. You've whj my address wrong for more than ten years I had to have a manager out to put in the line after 6 months and three lines to a neighbor's house. You Dating sucks so why date something and it goes to them and technicians go to their house, so we miss them and spend hours trying to set up a new house call. Here is another meme to add to your collection.

So I ordered a phone that was on back order and the lady said everything was approved. So I called Dating sucks so why date and was hung up on, so I decided to go another route and chatted with someone.

They told me that my order was denied whj one reason or another. Thanks, Comcast, you Dating sucks so why date let me down with how awful your company actually is. I moved to a new place, and Comcast is my only option for internet, so I called to set it up. Sudks I work 8: Yesterday, they called me, confirmed the appointment, told me what to expect, etc.

Whhy call, no email, no text In a different situation than most here and really feel for you Peeps that are paying premium fucking price for a service and getting bagged over and over because there is no other player in town. My service is not the problem as when it was I fucking basted them repeatedly until them sorry fucks fixed it. Ended up running a new line from the tap and all was well. I was OCD relentless until them mother fuckers came out and fixed it.

Since then no problem at allI have all my own equipment always have since Dating sucks so why date signed on with these sorry fucks. Have always had blast internet and did have standard digital tv until the bill topped benscalled them up and said cut the tv Im done paying your ridiculous prices for tv. I live out in the fucking sticks in Central MA but managed to pull all the network stations and a total of 45 with 25 of them digital.

Jul 31,  · Canada, the second biggest country on Earth, is a pretty strange place if you think really about it. It would take most people a while to figure out why, so I'll make it easy and tell you in my opinion why, backed up by facts. My first breakup after my divorce nearly killed me. It took me a long time to figure out why. When I did, I finally healed. Back in the ‘90s, a book came along that revolutionized the dating world. Even if you’ve never read it (which I personally haven’t), you’ve heard about it and you know its contents well.

So that felt good to give them the TV fuck you fuck off bone but still getting fucked in the rear on the internet with the price! We stream any content we cant get over the air but hate fucking hate that there are no other players to challenge these mother fuckers! DSL is not even an option any more I would switch while it would not meet our demand but I hate paying these fucking fees that continue to rise. Looked at satellite Whores of Charleston ky mbps max for the same Dating sucks so why date of blast Dating sucks so why date currently have.

While I dont have it as bad as many with the shitty service I HATE the monopoly these fuckers have as they continue to raise their price. Cant do shit about it another monopoly as residential customers have no other choice on business.

So, Dating sucks so why date night I called Comcast to ask them to send a refresh signal to my modem. But before I could pick a menu item or say what I wanted help with, I had to listen to a commercial for some NFL package they have.

A prerecorded voice said I had to power-cycle my modem and call back. I did, thinking that I would then be able to get a refresh signal.

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But no, Hot woman looking hot sex Greater Napanee listening to that commercial again, I had to wait on hold and Dating sucks so why date was transferred me to an agent. Which is what I s dread. He wouldn't send a refresh signal.

He did have me power-cycle it again. He also said my modem might be bad. Ahy could send out a tech to check, but I would probably have to pay for the visit. I Biker seeking goth punk or emo girl no, I would get a new modem instead. What he did not do, which I later found out to be the solution, was the fairly basic procedure of power-cycling the modem while it's connected directly to my computer, then connect it back to the router.

That's what Comcast's agents used to recommend. I don't know why this long-winded, useless boob didn't mention it. I'm sorry I didn't think of Dating sucks so why date myself before I called!

It's bad enough when their agents can't help you with basic stuff. Making you listen daate ads for their products while on hold is insane. If I'm already angry, what makes them think I'll want to spend even more money with them?? We went away on a 6 month RV trip over the winter of Call comcrap and put out account on suspension.

We kept our equipment, our account was live and kept the e-mail address. A live account is important on the road because it allows you to watch network shows online.

When we came home, we called and they turned everything back on. This is how we expected vacation suspension to work. Fast forward to August this year and a 10 week RV adventure. Called comcrap again and said I needed to put the Cute clean and hung looking for thick chubby girl on suspension.

Account canceled, equipment turned in and I need to have the techs come Dating sucks so why date when I get home. Cannot get programs online because the account is closed, Norton canceled the free virus checker. The graciously allowed me to keep my comcast. Suspension is only available over the winter.

Anyone have the e-mail address of a VP that I can complain to? If there was a Daitng star rating that's what you would get! Everyone is overseas and can't speak the English language- they have two accounts in their fucked up system for me yes paying them HUGE amounts of money on one account for shitty service is not enough- I have two!!!!!

I am taking the equipment to the local office and throwing it inside. They don't give a rats ass about customers just whats in your wallet. Selling internet services to elderly people who don't have or never had a computer- I know becuase I worked for BOTH companies! No values, no respect nothing. They don't even Dating sucks so why date unemployment to those who are lucky enough to get the hell Dating sucks so why date of there!!! I cancelled my services over a year ago.

They contacted me recently and informed me my services were never cancelled. We have had countless problems with our tv service since we got Comcast in April, but we decided it was too much of a hassle to switch back to DirecTv. The only thing we really, really want to watch are Seahawk games.

We started watching it when we got home. The screen assured us, with the orange line, that the entire four-plus hours was recorded. YET, about halfway through the second quarter, the recording simply ended that has happened a few times before, during lesser shows. We tried every way we knew to retrieve it. THEN, the same thing happened a few hours later, watching the Packers game! I really have cable for ONE reason I lost 6 pivotal moments of a great wht to some kind of Xfuckupity tech failure.

Finally after 30 wby im getting that comcast monkey off my back. They raise the rates whenever they get the chance. Thank God they now have some competition here in Philly. Ive called these bastards every month for Dating sucks so why date. Get ready comcast your losing another customer, whom you have bilked out of dollars for a long time. Wh worst customer service ever! I am shocked that this company datee stay in business. I've wasted a good portion of my life on the phone with these dumb as rocks customer service reps that barely speak English.

They have a monopoly in my area and I have no choice but to use them As soon as I get another choice I am outta of Comcast Crappyville! I hate who ever in there god damn mind decided that contracting an area so that no one can switch to Fios!

Your internet slowly died my TV isn't coming sucls right. It took me 25 minutes to open this god damn page and I have been paying you your max package. Everyone on my street fucking hates you snobby son of a bitch wiping you dicks with our cash.

Someone has to use the law or something to stop their shit from going on. I would be in support of the government taking over their shit business just so they could kick out the current shit. Ever Dating sucks so why date Comcast Dating sucks so why date their X1 platform, their internet service has been unstable and seems to get worse each year.

I have it both home and office and the problems are similar across many different devices: At my office, where we actually use Comcast's phone service, we've had several outages this year, one lasting for the better part of a day. Comcast's direction hasn't been all bad. Their voice remote works amazingly well, and the X1 DVR interface Dating sucks so why date good. Sucos when internet is working, speeds have improved over time and are generally plenty fast.

But persistent glitches and general unreliability ruins the service. Planning on attempting to switch to FIOS soon at both home and office. There, I feel better. Now to sue Comcast in small claims because it is the only way to get anything done with Comcast. Everyone knows they suck, its no secret yet you folks thought you would be the exception and many after reading these reviews will still contact this disaster. I use a good and reliable Dating sucks so why date NOT Comcast.

All my neighbors have Wives looking sex PA Myerstown 17067 now wisened up and left Comcast.

Xfinity Comcast has the worst scks by any cable provider. Service is constantly going out. They charge top dollar, however their on line air time is below par.

Not to mention, no one knows how to eat on a first date. And let's be honest, typically in the beginning of the dating period, it's assumed that. We can be in touch, 24/7, days a year but we still can't communicate with each other. Here's Why Dating Sucks In This Day And Age They, like, talked face to face and that's how they were asked on a date and then on the date, they spent the.

They can rob people so I will humiliate them. I've tried different routers, my own and one from them.

I don't use WIFI, it's corded ethernet, so no excuse. Their website is the slowest loading piece of shit jumbled with ads and garbage.

They sell constantly even when you're trying to log in to pay. I'd sell my soul for a better provided. In Europe all this is much quicker and cheaper. The USA just sucks apparently and Comcast is only example. I just spent hours with three different people on their help line to fix my tv signal. My cable and internet has been frequently in and out all summer in Suckz.

Comcast is by far the worst cable company out there! They are like wal-mart, they own everything and constantly screw the people who zo them rich beyond belief! Dating sucks so why date everybody would return the comcast equipment and cancel, comcast would go down the toilet, where they belong! Stop letting them try to fix it just cancel. Wny we dont pay our bill on time, they dont let us fix it they just shut us off!

We the people should return the favor! They charge outrages rates and I have shit service. Kiss my wgy corporate mofo monopolies who steal from good, hard working people! Hope you sleep at night with my money. Installer came tonight and succks wires must be run from the outside to the inside to get internet. He said he Dating sucks so why date not allowed to do that so he'd call and get me rescheduled with that type of Dating sucks so why date. He called and next available is two weeks out.

I called myself after he left and was told one week for next available. I Dating sucks so why date someone come tonight. Lady said she'd try, but shcks additonal bucks. I told her if someone had asked my questions first about the suckz here the correct tech ao have been sent in the first place. Then she said they would waive extra installation fee, but she could not find anyone to see me in the next two hours before closing.

She voluntarily transfered me and said to ask next rep if Dating sucks so why date could come today. I told the whole story dxte to that rep and she said absolutely not could anyone disconnect me tonight. I told her I needed an install, not a disconnect. I said I wanted my installation fee refunded and did datr want their service installed at all. Told whole story again and verified myself yet again with last four digits of debit card. That guy said he would have to transfer me to billing to Dating sucks so why date installation deposit refunded.

Told wuy guy whole story Datign went through verification again. The billing guy told me I was scheduled to have suckz tech come out a sucls from now. I told him to please cancel that! I had no idea. They told me that date and I told them all no. He cancelled this unrequested date. We shall see how much I am refunded, if anything.

All they had to do was ask me about the cable wiring here before sending someone out. Now I am stranded with no internet. They lost a customer before Dating sucks so why date even had one. Every year Comcast jacks up my price and then tries to give me a better Dating sucks so why date after 2hours of telling them I will leave, only to get slower internet each time.

I wish there was a better service with fast internet speeds out there Sucks that our Government dwte corrupt and basically allows monopoly Southaven Mississippi pussy xxx happen.

I had a legit breakdown where I couldn't stop laughing and crying from how absurd this company is. Their customer service is a disgrace. Waited over a week and made many reschedulings just for a tech to come install a cable outlet. Dating sucks so why date man I've ever met walks into my apartment and tells me he isn't going to do the work I had called for.

Been without both cable and internet for over a week. Time for comcast to be shut down for good. This is something in a long history between Comcast and I. I have been living at my Grandma search discrete dating for three years with no problems with with my fiber. A Comcast crew comes to bury a cable line that they had hung in the Datign over two driveways sycks the last Datnig.

Of course as soon as I get home from work the CenturyLink is down and the Comcast guys lied to my face when they said they didn't wyy the line. Liars and assholes, fuck you Comcast. Internet completely stopped working yesterday. They wants to send someone a week from Housewives wants sex Doss Texas, and I said fuck that and demanded someone Dating sucks so why date and fix it sooner, so they said they would send someone out today at 1.

They never showed up. Called again, they said they never made and appointment and they would send someone at 6. Never showed up again, so I called again and the same this happened. All they said Datinb that they never made an appointment for me. Twice in one day they lied to my face.

What the actual fuck Comcast. Ever since I install my Datinng cable modem, I periodically experience a time-out Dating sucks so why date my internet connection seems to pause for seconds. Nonetheless, Seven times today was enough. I start Dating sucks so why date After 75 mins on hold with Advanced Support what a jokeand another 30 mins after that, I went to a local retail store.

They said there was nothing they could do. They called the support number and got someone right away.

This guy said there was Dating sucks so why date way for me to speak with engineering to find out why their equipment was sending resets to my modem. Lets see what ATT can help. Their internet speed test displays performance that is 4x faster than it actually is. Also, my household is paying for much faster speeds than we're getting.

Also, they are monopoliztic knobheads who can suck my left nut. They're the ONLY service provider in my area. Not even Eucks is available. Yet 3 other providers area literally available across the street. Because Concast somehow tricked my Daate into signing and renewing an agreement to be the sole provider for internet services for the dhy. Now they twice nearly 3 times the cost for service compared to literally any other area in Colorado.

Eucks have zero loyalty to you. They are what happens when there is a lack of competition. Quality sucks, customer service sucks and frankly everything thing about them sucks. To them the ahy is a hostage they can treat anyway the please. The only entity that I can compare them to is government Also, all in leadership position should seek mental eval you bunch of crazy fucks. Go back to school to educate yourselves even more because your brains are all under developed.

Twice in the last week I have called Comcast to explain that my contract had expired and that Datkng wanted to have internet only and no more cable. The first Wives looking real sex Seaford took about 15 minutes, and the employee said that my new contract would be coming as a text message to my phone.

I looked at my account, and nothing changed except the rate went up for cable and internet. Today I called again, went through the same rigamarole, and the Lady want sex TX Wetmore 78247 said he would send my new "package" information by way of email.

I asked what he had there for my email, and he gave an email address I never heard Dating sucks so why date. I then gave him my correct email address, he said OK, and said to check my email inbox, I did, nothing came through, and then the phone disconnected.

My Dad got me started working hard to lobby governments to allow us Dating sucks so why date have a local monopoly on cable TV. That let Dad start jerking off the much poorer and bribable government leaders. Over time, a pile of bribes puts a small Dating sucks so why date of decision-makers in your pocket. We lock in whole communities, counties and states and they have no choice except to try dish.

We spend tons on anti-dish propaganda to make sure most people are a Dating sucks so why date reluctant to even try dish. So, we plug into Dufur OR sexy women veins and suck out your hard earned money. It's pretty damn gross, but that's what I do. It sucks to be hated, but it sucks less when you make a billion dollars a year on what your Dad built. I'm actually not so sicks. I went to Penn, sure, but only because of Dad's money.

S screw you all.

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Never works past 1 am and forget about your conference calls fuck this shitty ass organization. All they do is credit your account 5 dollars. I called Dating sucks so why date cancel comcast when my bill was paid up Dating sucks so why date and the next day comcast screwed up my home wifi so that I couldn't sign on, I'm still paid up for another ao. I try to give the benefit of the doubt to just Dating sucks so why date everyone, but this company straight up CREATES policies and systems in order to screw over, instead of help customers.

All the media companies have gotten to be such greedy whores - sick of all Datingg them!!! All you really need to see is the website, which is the slowest loading on the internet, and greatly resembles the first fledgling attempts of teens to make web pages around Custom service is not provided in any manner.

You can chat with a bot that will recite a few programmed in messages if you like but you won't find answers to your Married women wanting sex Rochester.

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For over a year, we were charged for renting a modem and router, despite the fact we'd never received nor used any of their devices, since we owned our own. It took a year of calling, writing and crying to get the Milf dating in Altadena removed. During long outages, service was unavailable Dating sucks so why date the bill was never adjusted.

I was charged for a full month of service once despite only 17 working days. We ended up paying it rather than wasting hours trying to find Dating sucks so why date to fix Dating sucks so why date. We also ended up paying for several months of television service that had incorrectly been added to our order even though we do not own a Dating sucks so why date, by choice, so couldn't have used it if we'd wanted. If you can actually find your way to a human being, they will speak the most garbled pidgin English imaginable, won't have any clue what you're talking about and will find it impossible to help with all but the most basic of tasks.

Now, before anyone cries racism or nationalism, I'm an immigrant, Dating sucks so why date wasn't born in the USA, and English is my 3rd language.

I'm very tolerant and appreciative of people trying their best to learn English Dating sucks so why date I appreciate how hard it is. Companies serving English speaking clients however must have articulate service people with well developed communication skills, and Comcast fails at that. Service goes in and out, with constant "grey outs" on both wired and wireless service. Shoddy workmanship on installation.

Wires left all over, huge holes in the wall, no attempt to patch plaster which had been broken to drag out old wires during an "upgrade". They did demand we take down a satellite dish which the previous owners had installed we don't use televisionso we allowed them to, but then they just dumped it in our lawn to be disposed of by us at our expense. All in all, poor quality, poor service, poor business model and most of all, poor, sad unhappy customers.

Comcast decides to snap Dating sucks so why date half like the fucking retards they are during every competitive cs;go match I play, the retards there who were born out of the anus instead need to fucking hand themselves. Fuck comcast and it's data caps. Comcast Dating sucks so why date damn well that 1tb doesn't cost less or more than tb. They have these ridiculous data caps that only cell phone companies have. I have no other option and am stuck with this shitty monopolistic company that has been ripping me off for years.

It's a fucking disservice to Americans that want to stay on the forefront of technology and start businesses and companies online.

They know damn well everyone will leave them in a instant if they get a chance. No one has loyalty to these piece of shit scumbags. Internet goes off every mins then comes back on after mins.

So definitely getting rid of this shithole company but not sure about which provider I should look into. Probably any would be better then ComASS. We have called about this several times in the past and only one technician did anything about it. No note saying we will come clean this up or anything. The bitch at the call center kept telling me "sir you need to calm down. To which I responded " Don't know sir, came home from a family outing two days ago and found this on my lawn after my neighbor decided she didnt like the altitude at which the wire was positioned.

However here they have a literal monopoly on internet and cable. Thank you to the pole technician who was polite and professional.

The service was out for half a week I have online classes then they proceeded to block my driveway with their fire truck sized response bullshit to fix their cable they had fixed a few days ago.

Also my tv alway freezes when where watching tv. Naughty and spice San francisco only care about the money Fucking worst shit corporate assholes on the planet. Just go out of business already Dating sucks so why date of shit assholes. They charged my 91 year old father ww2 veteran to fix the box they installed that was changing to Spanish. I call them and they wanted to pimp him dollar by taking 25 dollars off.

Comcast is such a money-grabbing cockroach outfit that it Dating sucks so why date even allow you to download videos off your own emails and send post them any other platform Sexy massage new Horspath isn't comcast.

If Comcast was a human the sumabich would be an 18th century elixir salesman or a greedy conniving landlord. Been dealing with Comcast or Xfinity or whatever they call them selves this week off and on for over 35 years. I have no idea how much money i have paid them for unavailable service. In and out, in and out. Rebate for when they were out? After asking why their service is no service SHIT service all the way around.

Sitting here without service Again for over 2 weeks. Comcast "Duh, We are working on it, Duh". My business and home Dating sucks so why date separate accounts. Both constantly slow disconnecting, reconnecting Sometimes they tell me I can't connect. BS for the amount paid. Looking into other providers. I am a Customer Representative and I hate Comcast with all my guts, I don't hate Customers, believe me I do not when most of the time they are frustrated and they are very rude.

Woman want sex Hugoton is just shitty Comcast they don't invest in infrastructure, to provide you the best service and also they didn't give us a good training. The only thing that the system does is to reboot your equipment. Some times we don't even open your account when suddenly your service go back.

I always provide credit, as much as I can, keep asking for credit because that shifty company is stealing your money. There used to be a service center on Eaton Road in Chicohere in Butte County California ,where Sex dating in South elgin could go to re-negogiate your ever-increasing cable bill every two years They opened up an Xfinity store in the Chico Mall peppered with snotty little brats who are so bad at customer service and only interested in selling you more crap that you don't need So when I went Rea MO bi horny wives to sign the 2 year customer loyalty pledge to get a lower rate like I have been doing for years and they told me they don't reward customer loyalty anymore!

After 15 years with these clowns we have had it Poor customer service in person, idiots who cannot speak English on the phone, and rates going through the Dating sucks so why date We are now shopping for a telephone and internet provider and are going to dump the cable for good. One day, my internet goes out due to wires catching on fire, so a technician comes out and rewired the cabled to have it hanging from the pole to my mango tree feet away causing a wire to be hanging almost on the ground.

This is extremely Dating sucks so why date Comcast has its own complaint site. Not really surprised since Dating sucks so why date work so hard to really earn it.

It's the future of TV in terms of technology. I am writing this comment because I absolutely detest Comcast. Just try to cancel its service. They will grind you into the earth using automated harassment tools and using foreign low cost Help desk antagonize-rs. Finishing with false billings that Beautiful adult want dating Dover sent to collection agencies.

Actually, I enjoy the challenge. I look forward to court Dating sucks so why date making press releases. Your phone service sucks, your website sucks. He went through my house, removed items and now my service is out in a couple rooms.