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Hit me up if your curious and want to try something Looking Sexual Partners

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Hit me up if your curious and want to try something

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Small write, casual conversation, cathartic free discussion about whatever. I have pics so please send a reply and I will send you them.

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Some experts estimate that 85 percent of your financial success comes not ans your skills or knowledge but from your ability to connect with other people and engender their trust and respect. Within seconds, everyone you meet forms an impression that largely determines whether they'll like, trust, and respect you.

Whether you're job-hunting or fundraising or leading an organization, making a good impression is absolutely critical. So whether you are looking to somethong money for your company, or you are managing your team or leading your business, connecting to people and making a great impression is very important.

Each person makes unconscious immediate appraisals that center around how safe they feel. Ahd mindful of personal space and respect the boundaries of others. If in doubt, follow the other person's cues: Remember that concepts of appropriate personal space vary by culture.

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In business, first impressions are frequently colored by expectations. We expect people somethng live up to the image we have created in our minds from their reputation, phone calls, emails, or texts. We expect consistency with that general image -- and without it, we feel some degree of disappointment and confusion.

It's not the time to surprise others with a new side of your personality. It accounts for more than half of what others respond to initially -- so it literally does speak louder than words.

Hold yourself in a way that signals attention and an open heart, and keep a facial expression that sommething authority with approachability and eye contact. It's much more difficult to translate negatives into brain-friendly imagery than positives.

Work to develop a positive explanatory style.

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The general energy you give off is one of the first unconscious things people respond to. If you're frazzled, project calm.

If you're distracted and unenthusiastic, project positivity. You'll not only make a better impression, but you can influence your own mood. People are drawn to warmth, enthusiasm, and confidence more than anger, arrogance, and impatience.

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Whatever is going on around you, manage your responses to get the best response from others. Make sure your words, your tone of voice, and your body language are all saying the same thing. womething

Mixed messages put off others, but consistency gives you clarity and credibility. Activate people's senses, and mix up your imagery to make sure you hit their strength. Whenever possible, use ykur of visual images, sounds, textures, motion, and feelings to add meaning to what you're saying.

Be interested and open-minded; ask questions that spark their imagination and ignite conversation.

Find a personal style that represents who you are and the message you want to send about yourself. Look at your dress and appearance as packaging a product.

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Have a personal statement prepared and memorized so you can tell others concisely and eloquently what you do, what it means to you, and why it makes a difference. Think of it not as a sales pitch but an engaging and artfully crafted mini-presentation.

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Treat every connection you make as if it's the most important thing you've ever done. Because, frankly, you never know when it actually will be.

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